All The Adventures... When Living With A Dog!

Festive season is full speed ahead! Already planning the gifts for your beloved ones? What about four-legged family members?

Pssst! This is not about the easy picks in any pet store. Not sure where I’m heading to? Stay with me, I will explain.

Christmas nowadays is a lot about presents and THINGS. What about if this Christmas you actually give something magical and different for your doggos – your CARE and TIME.

I bet you, dear human, have quite some outerwear ready for every season and most of the occasions. What about your doggo? In this post we answer to the most popular questions - what is actually a must have in dog‘s closet to have it complete? And what is cool but not that crucial?
I started writing the post and started… Laughing. Why? Because of how afraid we are to make some decisions. It took us a year+ to decide to have the first iggy and it took even longer to get a second one!

My dog hates wearing clothes”, “She just freezes when I put a jumpsuit on!”, “He looks so unhappy with this jacket…” – sounds familiar?

If so, this article is for you.

How to keep you dog busy while home alone? The best motivator is always... FOOD! In this blog post, I'm sharing some ideas what works super well for Harvey and what actually didn't paid off too well.
Harvey was not taking this 'stay home alone' thing well. We tried a lot to make this experience positive. How? Long and tireless work. Happy to share our plan with you!
Mistakes happen. We make them happen. The positive side is that we can learn from them and share those lessons learnt with others. This post briefly covers the 3 biggest mistakes I made while raising Harvey. I have a new puppy now – baby Oli and I promise to all of you to do my best and do not repeat them. Follow my lead, folks, maybe this will help you too?