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How To Know When To Dress Your Dog (4 Criteria You Should follow)

“Look at this dog in a coat!” – this is casual phrase I catch when walking my Italian greyhounds in a cold weather. Dog in clothes is still something unexpected for some people but essential for small, short-hair breeds like Italian Greyhounds or Whippets. If you own a doggo, I bet you know that. But there is a question that keeps bugging me – do I overdress my iggies? Or – should I dress them warmer today? When should I start dressing them up & then it’s too warm? How to spot this perfect balance between happy, healthy & warm dog? Have the same dilemmas? Read on, my friend, I think I got some great answers here. Back in springtime I have...

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3 Mistakes I Made Raising My Puppy

Mistakes happen. We make them happen. The positive side is that we can learn from them and share those lessons learnt with others. This post briefly covers the 3 biggest mistakes I made while raising Harvey. I have a new puppy now – baby Oli and I promise to all of you to do my best and do not repeat them. Follow my lead, folks, maybe this will help you too?

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