Short sleeves, naked butts  take your iggy on a dogwalk, folks!

True iggy is fabulous all year long!

That is why we focus on different designs and cuts that would be practical & stylish all year long.

Our shirts for Italian Greyhounds are made from a high-quality, breathable cotton fabric that is OEKO-TEX® certified. The greyhound blouses are easy to wash and take care of. The colour stays the same after many washes. That is especially relevant for male iggy owners as you usually have to wash the outfits after every walk. If you know, you know :)

Special shirt cut for Italian Greyhounds

Quite some tests were completed to make the best pattern for our iggy pets! These Italian Greyhound shirts allow easy movement and 100% comfort. They come in short and wide sleeves & neck as well as ¾ coverage of the back. Uncovered butt ensures the blouse stays intact when your iggy chases the birds and has the time of their life.

Should you dress your iggy when it’s warm?

We all dress our Italian Greyhounds when it’s cold outside. No questions asked. But what if it’s warm? Here are a couple of situations:

  • It’s windy. Italian Greyhounds tend to catch a cold easily, so putting on a thin shirt is a good idea.
  • You’re spending time in a forest. That applies well if you live where there are many ticks that are infected. Clothes create an extra barrier.
  • There’s the direct sun for a period of time. UV affect dogs too! A thin and breathable greyhound shirt prevents it from affecting your iggy.