Rain will be a joke with a waterproof coverall or urban raincoat. Perfect all year long!

If you showed me an iggy that is excited about the rain… Well, you won’t, because such iggies simply do not exist. Italian Greyhounds hate rain. End of story.

We’ll not kid you or ourselves – loving the rain is not something that you can train an iggy to do. To cope with that, #harvoola launched a special line of Italian Greyhound raincoats.

Why raincoats for Italian Greyhounds is a good idea?

Italian Greyhound raincoat is a smart choice if you live where rain is quite an ofter guest. High-quality raincoats do their job to keep your iggy dry and at the same time are stylish and easy to put on and off. 

And it’s not only about the rain. Rainproof fabrics are a life-saver when it’s windy. Clothes made from cotton or wool take care of the warmth but they tend to let through the wind. Our Italian Greyhound raincoat acts like a shield. And they are perfect to be worn on top of onesies.

What’s so special about #harvoola raincoats for iggies?

Choose Italian Greyhound waterproof overall if you like spending time actively in nature and if your iggies like to have their legs covered. They are perfect for all seasons as they’re thin and lightweight. Elastics and oversized cut make this Italian Greyhound waterproof overall the desired outfit!