Onesies & Jumpsuits

For summer or winter, colorful or monochrome  your sweetie will be the happiest dog on earth

Onesies to be found in every Italian Greyhound’s closet

Show me your iggy’s closet & I’ll tell you where you live! You may not need a winter coat and boots but onesies… Well, these are the most popular and inevitable pieces of Italian Greyhound clothing. 

At #harvoola we offer plenty of choices for comfortable Italian Greyhound onesies. So what’s so good about them? 

Onesies are made from high-quality fabric

First of all, the fabric. Every Italian Greyhound jumpsuit is sewn from high-quality cotton and poly blend fabric. The fabric is certified for OEKO-TEX® standard which proves it’s harmless even for babies! It stretches a bit and keeps its colour even after being washed many times in a washing machine.

Iggy jumpsuits come in two thickness levels

We offer two thickness levels for these greyhound onesies. Choose an extra-thick or a thinner one. Extra-thick are made from heavier, very soft and fluffy cotton. These are perfect for colder times and for iggies that are super sensitive to cold. Thinner Italian Greyhound onesies are irreplaceable when it’s not so freezing outside. For instance, during chilly summer nights or snuggly days at home. They’re still soft on the inside and tend to feel like a second skin on your iggy. Love it!

Bright colours for bold iggy personalities 

Not to mention the colours! Humans who adore bright tones will be delighted with the choice. Our signature onesies come in vivid colour blocks, ribbings & trimmings! But we sure gave a good thought about classic lovers too. A Monochrome iggy turtleneck is always a good addition to the dog’s closet! 

So, ready to choose your next favourite Italian Greyhound onesie?