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Looking for a high-quality & fabulous outfits for Italian Greyhounds? If so, welcome to #harvoola squad!

Our products are sewn by hand locally and the fabrics are sourced from small businesses only. That leads to limited stock and the feeling of care once the box is delivered ♡

We can’t wait to wrap a plastic-free package for your rebel!

Love, Ula

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Blog: Living With Iggies

When I brought my first Italian greyhound Harvey home 5 years ago, I knew I'd be the best dog mom on the planet. I haven’t had a dog in my entire life but I have prepared for him so thoroughly! The day we brought Harvey home I already knew how I’ll train him, to which puppy school we’ll go and that he’ll be the most obedient dog a person could have. Dream on, Ula.

When was the last time you were on vacation with your dog? And when was the last time you spent holidays separately?

It is usually stressful for both owners & dogs to spend some time away. Here you'll find some tips to make it stress-free!

Italian Greyhounds do overheat and get a really bad sunstroke, if kept exposed to a direct or indirect sun for too long with no preventive measures. This is a crucial overview on how to recognize a sunstroke, what to do when overheated and how to prevent it from happening.