italian greyhound raincoat overalls

Rain no brain,

iggies kept dry & cozy

Warm days

We got some shi*ts!
italian greyhound raincoat in navy

Urban Raincoats

For fancy city walks!
italian greyhound winter wear teddy vests

Teddy vests

are always in style!
italian greyhound puppy with a curly vest italian greyhound puppy with a teddy bear vest in brown

Should I dress my iggy?

Signs that Italian Greyhound is cold
Hi, dear dog lover!

Looking for a high-quality & fabulous outfits for Italian Greyhounds? If so, welcome to #harvoola squad!

Our products are sewn by hand locally and the fabrics are sourced from small businesses only. That leads to limited stock and the feeling of care once the box is delivered ♡

We can’t wait to wrap a package for your rebel!

Love, Ula

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Blog: Living With Iggies

When it comes to tiny bundles of joy, Italian Greyhound puppies most definitely steal the show. These miniature wonders are not only ridiculously cute but also bring quite the personality! In this blog article, we're going to dive deep into the world of Italian Greyhound puppies, covering everything from house training to health risks. 
In this blog post you will find the comparison of different types of collars. Oh yes, it’s not only the choice between a collar or a harness for Italian Greyhounds. There are so many different collars available: materials, width, fastening… Oh dog!
In this blog post you'll learn about different types of foods that are best for Italian Greyhounds. Should you choose raw meals for your iggy or better go with kibble? How often should you feed your iggy? Get all the answers!