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Blog: Living With Iggies

This week I got a phone call from a lovely woman who has an 8-month-old iggy puppy. She was looking for a piece of advice on when & how to dress him as she was the first-time iggy owner.

I have no doubt that many Italian Greyhound owners face a very similar challenge every time. ‘Is it too cold now? Or is it too warm?’ ‘Can my dog go for a short walk naked if it’s slightly snowing?’ ‘It’s definitely warm enough to keep her naked. Or is it?'. Familiar thoughts? 

This blog post with clear all the doubts!

If the lion is a king of the jungle and Italian Greyhound is the king of our beds, the thing they both have in common is... being a king! Let's merge them and have the most thrilling costume this Halloween - Iggy the Lion. This is my personal favourite. And that's probably because I watched Disney's Lion the King like a million times...

Making Halloween costumes has never been so fun! Get ready to dress your Italian Greyhound in the cutest hand-made costume of a Unicorn🦄 It's super easy, yet looks amazingly lovely.

People say that Unicorns are magical creatures but who can deny that our iggies aren't?! No-bo-dy, that's right.