Winter Coats

Meet multi-functional warm & cozy coats for Italian Greyhounds. Lined with fleece, baby!

There is no bad weather, only bad clothing! Have you ever heard such a saying? What if we told that a great winter coat for greyhounds can save the… winter?

How to choose the perfect coat for an Italian Greyhound?

  • The cut doesn’t limit movement. Iggies should be able to run free and be cosy when wearing winter coat. Most dogs are not excited about wearing clothes, so your goal here is to make this experience the best possible! Make sure you can easily fit your finger between your iggy’s underarms and coat as well as a chest and coat.

  • Ability to layer coat with a onesie. Italian Greyhounds have very thin and long legs that most definitely need to be covered when it’s freezing. Try putting a warm onesie under the coat. If it fits well and doesn’t cut into the skin - you made a great choice!
  • Fabric is warm, windproof and soft. Even the warmest onesies & jumpsuits can’t replace a proper Italian Greyhound winter coat. In wintertime, iggies need a clothing layer that is a shield from snow and wind. During longer walks when it’s snowing, onesies get wet easier than coats. Oh, and the winter coat’s lining should be warm and cosy. Preferably, made of fleece.

What’s so special about our iggy winter coats?

#harvoola coats are made from waterproof fabric that doesn’t let the wind through. They are lined with a thick layer of fleece that is soft and tender to the sensitive bodies of Italian Greyhounds. We know that sometimes it may be tricky to put the coats on. Therefore there is velcro tape sewn across the coat’s back. No need to bend the iggy’s legs anymore! 1-2-3-it’s dressed!

Our Italian Greyhound winter coats have a long neck that protects the head & ears from wintry weather conditions. If it’s not too cold, you can easily fold it! Not even to mention a gap for a leash and the two mermaidish wings at the back. Those wings ensure the coat doesn’t lift up when your Italian Greyhound is happily waging its tail!

Last but not least - it simply is fa-bu-lous.  Bright colours & unseen cut will most definitely be the centre of attention when walking down the street. 

You simply must try it out! Keep it warm, lovely iggy!