#harvoola who?

Our Team

The same as in life, #harvoola is driven by our family. Literally. We are a team of 2 humans, best friends and husband & wife – Ūla & Naris and two little Italian Greyhounds  Harvey & Oliver.

While Ūla is holding the front line of #harvoola products, communications, blog & social networks, Naris is owning the visual & tech part – taking pictures, making videos, building and supporting the website. #harvoola is our hobby!

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Dog is not a joke. Cold is not a joke. #harvoola is about proving that!

Joke around as much as you like but you must agree that every dog has its own personality, especially when we‘re talking about Italian greyhounds!

#harvoola is a lifestyle, it‘s for dogs with bold personalities.

harvoola cold is not a joke Ethics

#harvoola loves dogs. #harvoola loves nature. #harvoola loves small businesses.

To prove that, absolute majority of our materials are from local, small vendors. Before launching a new line, the materials are tested carefully as we trust in quality & sustainability, leaving the fast fashion behind. Not even mentioning plastic-free packaging. Plastic bags are so last season!

We order small amounts of every design pieces, so that it could be sewn by the hands of a two lovely & professional seamstresses. All is made here in Lithuania.

harvoola - products - illustrationHow the designs are born:

  1. Idea. The journey to life of every design starts with a great idea and the purpose of each piece.
  2. Fabrics. We spend looong hours choosing the right materials and colors. The more colors, the bolder & eye-catching design, the more #harvoola it is!
  3. Patterns. After the fabric selection, during the creative nights we are polishing the sewing patterns to make them unique and, most importantly – comfortable. Harvey & Oli are the models here, getting tons of treats for trying everything on :) 
  4. Sewing. Once the pattern is a perfection, it‘s time to ask our best golden-hands seamstresses to sew relatively small amounts of clothing (this has to stay unique!). I love the precision & quality and our lovely seamstresses deliver all of that to the fullest.
  5. Quality check. All materials go through a detailed quality check – we wash it for a number of times, Harvey & Oli tests it in different situations: walking, running, getting all muddy. Materials have to prove they are high quality and worth becoming our masterpieces.
  6. Photoshoot. Once everyone approves the new collection, Naris transforms our kitchen to a photo studio, takes on the camera and it‘s time for Harvey & Oli to pull their best moves out and elevate the designs to another level. Oooh, the charisma these boys have! 
  7. Live & online! Last touches and the designs are live and ready to bring some color and warmth to your iggies lives <3

Would like to meet us? Have questions, suggestions or ideas? We're so excited! Use this link or drop us a message on social @harvoola