The Ultimate Looks for Fabulous Iggies!

italian greyhound styling tips

Italian Greyhounds are bold dogs - I am sure no one will argue that. Sooo... Bold personalities deserve matching outfits! 

We've prepared top 6 outfits that are created with #harvoola assortment! Choose your favourite & grab it now 🦩

Meet the spring with a new wardrobe for your iggy 🌈

#1 Eye-catcher

Layering classy Black is the new Black onesie with a bright Magenta Mermaid coat simply attracts the attention!


#2 Playful

Cozy & bright yet subtle. Magenta Mermaid coat over Silver Tip onesie is a great choice for a playful look.


#3 Head to toe grey... Bears!

This outfit is for those who loves to be noticed but avoids bright and eye-catching colours. Roaaar!! (or... Meow?). Cloudy Grey teddy vest in combo with Silver Tip onesie.

italian greyhound clothing

 #4 Back to black!

One more for those who'd like to take a break from the colours. Black from head to toes. Wearing Black is the new Black onesie & Jet-Black Teddy vest.

italian greyhound outfits

#5 Perfect for any occasion

Anytime... Anywhere... Who can deny that Turqouise is the loveliest shade of blue? Here we style Turquoise Mermaid coat with Silver Tip onesie (our bestseller!)

italian greyhounds outfit

#6 For Princes & Princesses!

Vanilla Lime onesie in combo with Navy Mermaid coat... Uuugh, these colors go so nicely! But why this outfit is for Royals only? Well, try going outside with this onesie, haha! :)

italian greyhound style

Which is your favourite now? :)

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