DIY Dog Unicorn Costume for Halloween +video

italian greyhound halloween DIY costume unicorn

Making Halloween costumes has never been so fun! Get ready to dress your Italian Greyhound in the cutest hand-made costume of a Unicornūü¶Ą It's super easy, yet looks amazingly lovely.

People say that Unicorns are magical creatures but who can deny that our iggies aren't?! No-bo-dy, that's right. This year we will elevate the original looks of your Italian greyhounds and make them a superb look that'll attract the eyes of every single person who'll walk by :)

Does this costume work for other breeds? Of course, it does! You simply need to think about the way to attach the horn & ears to the head of your dog. It could be some elastics or a snood. But the most important part is to keep in mind that every piece of clothing, accessory or costume must be comfortable for your dog. Wearing something itchy, too heavy, hurts or smells is causing stress. Be cautious about your dog's state of mind while making this costume too. 

If you'd follow our lead and attach a horn & ears to the onesie, it'll never be unpleasant. They are stiff but light, so there is no discomfort at all.

italian greyhound white jumpsuit fabulous and warm outfit

What if you don't have a Snow White onesie?¬†It's alright too, just be creative and reuse what you have at home! To save time and have the max effect, we suggest¬†using our pompoms onesie & don't worry - with this construction, you won't even see the difference¬†in the fabric once it's removed. Alternatively, you can use any white or pink onesie, vest, pyjamas, etc. Whatever works!ūü¶Ą

So, let's jump directly to the instructions!

For Dog Unicorn Halloween costume you will need:

  • Paper templates for ears and a horn
  • A few pieces of pink & white felt or similar fabric¬†(you want it to be stiff as it needs to shape nicely). The exact amount depends on your paper templates.
  • A needle & a white thread¬†for stitching
  • A piece of soap or a pencil
  • Foam filler
  • Some¬†pink ribbon
  • 3 colourful pompoms
  • A hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • A¬†Snow White¬†#harvoola onesie.¬†Alternatively, you can use any white or light-coloured piece of dog clothing. Don't worry, you will not damage the clothes.
DIY dog unicorn halloween costume

How to make Dog Unicorn's costume:

  1. First of all, mark the shape of unicorn ears on your fabric with a piece of soap or a pencil. In total you will need 2 white (bigger size) and 2 pink (smaller size) ears.
  2. Cut the ears out evenly.
  3. Using a hot glue gun, stick the centre parts of all 4 ears together. You want them to share nicely and have more of a 3D effect.
  4. Now glue the pink ears to the white ones. It already looks cute! 
    DIY unicorn halloween costume for dogs
  5. It's right about time to cut the horn from the white felt (or fabric that you have) using the paper template.
  6. At least for me - making the horn - this is the most tricky part now. You have to apply some glue to one side of an edge and shape it neatly so that the horn has nice and even sides. Be fast & careful, hot glue dries in seconds and it's... well... hot. Don't burn your fingers, you'll still need them! :)
  7. Stuff the horn with a decent amount of foam filler
  8. Take the ribbon and start attaching it to the horn from the very top to the bottom. Keep the gaps even as much as you can. I didn't glue every single inch, rather than a few areas.
  9. Not much left now! Glue the pompoms to the centre bottom of the horn & on the sides put the ears. 
    DIY Unicorn costume for dogs italian greyhound instructions
  10. Tadaaam! You have the whole construction ready!
  11. Last but not least is to nicely stitch it to the top of the onesie with a thread and a needle. The construction is very light, so you don't need to tighten the seams too much. You want to reuse your onesie after Halloween too :) 
  12. Welcome to real life, lil' Unicorn!italian greyhound halloween costume unicorn diy harvoola

DIY video of the process


I'd love to see the results if you make this costume! Please share your pic on social and tag us @harvoola or simply drop an email at

Happy Halloween, everybody!¬†ūüéɬ†

¬†Love, Ň™la

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