Adventures When Living With 2 Iggy Dogs!

Lure Coursing - the magical words that me & Harvey just love! I see it as my mission now to spread this to as many of you as possible. Why? Because it’s the best activity my Harvey ever tried. 

This post will shed the light on the basics of Lure Coursing. Let's run an imaginary interview here! :) 

Harvey ate rat poison once. It was one of the worst experiences in my life. My mistake #1 - I didn't have first aid kit at hand. This could have gone way less painful than it actually did. Please please, hooman, be smart, have a first aid kit for you dog wherever you go. harvoola makes this easy for you - there is a checklist of what is a must have written by a vet Žygimantas. Check it out!
In this article you’ll find 3 books that totally changed my attitude towards dog training and relationship building. I recommend all 3 books for every owner, especially for those who are yet to have a puppy or just recently brought one home.

So the winter is already overrrr! Well, to be honest, where we are from – Lithuania – the real winter never came this year :) Still, I can’t wait to take out my spring dresses and sneakers, leaving three layers of clothing buried deep in the closet.

It’s a pawse in many people’s lives all around the world right now.  However, dogs are the ones who can’t stop wagging their tails – owners are 24/7 at home, woop woop! But not everything is rainbows & butterflies, far from it. Next to other daily challenges we have to keep taking care of our dogs and face a huge problem if we cannot tire them out outdoors.