Lure Coursing for beginners: What, Why & Where?

Lure Coursing Italian Greyhound Introduction Blog Post How to start

Lure Coursing - the magical words that me & Harvey just love! I see it as my mission now to spread this to as many of you as possible. Why? Because it’s the best activity my Harvey ever tried. 

This post will shed the light on the basics of Lure Coursing. Let's run an imaginary interview here! :) 

Q: What on Earth this Lure Coursing is?

A: Very simply put, it’s the game that utilizes the strongest sighthound instincts - chasing their prey.

In Lure coursing the main object is a ‘prey’ which is usually made from a white plastic ribbon. It is well attached to a cord which is mechanically moved by an operator across the field based on the course layout. Sudden turns simulate the real chase. At the end of a course the lure stops and the dog finally catches it. Sooo exciting!! 

Q: Aaaaand... What’s so cool about it?

A: Let’s be honest, Sighthounds are the chasers. Even if that’s a teeeeny tiiiiny italian greyhound. Or, at least, most of them have this instinct in their blood. Lure Coursing is the best possible way to simulate a real chase, let their instincts flourish in a safe and harmless way and allow them to run as fast as they can! No animals are getting hurt.

You should see how happy the dogs are after this run! I literally haven’t seen Harvey this excited in his life than after his first, second and every other run. Run wild & free, doggos!

lure coursing italian greyhounds championship
Q: Sold! Is it safe for my dog? 

A: I’d lie if I’d say that I’m 100% sure that Harvey will successfully complete every run. Why? The speed of a dog is very high and there is always a risk that he can slip, stumble and hurt himself. Dogs are usually running in pairs, so it’s possible to get in a fight. This is why muzzles are a must during the run. And there's a human factor - operator’s experience is very important.

On the other hand, are we sure that our doggos are super safe to be walked on a leash in our neighborhood? Or to run off leash in the forest? Not really. So, the odds are low, yet every owner must fully accept the risks.

Q: Still... I’m in! How do I know my dog would be interested?

A: The tables have turned! I’ll ask you some questions here. Does your dog become a crazy and incessant hunter once he sees a bird or a squirrel? What about a flying plastic bag? Is he good at chasing things? Yes? Then oooooh boyyy, you should sign him up for some training NOW

Q: How do I train my dog to be good at this?

A: Lucky lazy hoomans! Lure Coursing is mostly about the instincts - if your dog has a soul of a chaser, he’ll be super good. Home training might increase the hunger to run and chase but it will not be a game changer.

Q: Oh yeah!! What do I need to start?

A: That depends on your location and rules applied. Nethertheless, you’ll need a dog - captain obvious!, specific color shirt & a muzzle. For more details check with your local Kennel club.

Q: Where can I find more information on dates & places?

A: All the information can be found on your local Kennel club’s website. For starters, check American Kennel Club events if you’re from US or browse the list of FCI if you’re based in Europe. Another idea - to check local Facebook groups of Lure Coursing enthusiasts.

harvoola lure coursing blog


Are you IN?! Let me know <3

Still have questions? Shoot in a comments section! Will do my best to answer! 

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  • Elina Brooks

    Thank you for informing us that lure coursing is a game for dogs that utilizes their instincts when chasing prey. I want to train my dog well so I can leave the house to him whenever I’m away because of work. I’ll be sure to consider lure coursing once I find trainers to hire for this soon.

  • Sherry

    Live in Thousand Oaks, Calif have a 3 year old Pharaoh Hound where do we go for training in our area. She needs to run. Thanks

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