Dressing Up Dog In Spring Time? Really?

italian greyhound off leash in the forest with clothes

So the winter is already overrrr! Well, to be honest, where we are from – Lithuania – the real winter never came this year :) Still, I can’t wait to take out my spring dresses and sneakers, leaving three layers of clothing buried deep in the closet.

The same applies for Harvey’s, my Italian Greyhound's wardrobe – though I love dressing him up (and he actually likes wearing clothes too, surprise surprise!), putting coat even going for a quick walk gets a bit annoying.

Therefore, yayyy, Spring time! No more dog clothes!

But. Not. So. Fast.

Here are 4 occasions when you should consider dressing up your dog off winter season to keep him warm and healthy.

#1 Cold morning walks

Imagine it’s an ordinary spring day, you wake up early in the morning to take your dog for a walk. You quickly put clothes on, jump into your boots, put a beanie and warm jacket on – YOU don’t want to get cold as you just got out of a warm bed and went straight to a relatively cold weather, right?

Spot on! That’s the exact reason why you should put a cotton or fleece onesie, jumper or at least a snood on your dog’s neck, too.

If your dog loves sleeping in the warmest place at home, wrapped in a cozy blanket (Harvey has a real thing for that), taking him outside when he’s still warm and sleepy is a straight way to catching a cold.

The differences of temperature inside and outside is significant for your dog’s health. Always make sure he's cooled down to a standard body temperature before going outside if you don’t feel like dressing him up.

The same applies to all walks if your dog was sleeping wrapped in a blanket or on your lap right before going outside. Exception: warm summer morning when the differences of temperatures aren’t too big you’re good to go… Naked. Yes!

italian greyhound with clothes on a leash

#2 Windy weather

It’s not only about the temperature, wind could be a very deceptive matter, too. Summer weather could get tricky! Some dogs are more sensitive to wind than the others, I mean, we’re here talking more about Italian Greyhounds rather than Huskies :)

Make sure to cover the most sensitive body parts – neck, chest and, preferably, ears. Yep, ears might create some trouble if a dog is not used to have them covered. Start slow and be patient. Health is the most important here!

During windy weather the best choice is windproof or waterproof jackets or coats. If possible, avoid natural fiber, such as cotton clothing as it brings warmth yet is easily blown-through. A better option if to layer clothing.

#3 Rain

It’s important to protect dogs from rain because of a few reasons: rain usually comes with a wind. If a dog gets wet and runs at wind – it doesn’t need much to catch a cold, you surely want to avoid that. 

Another thing is, that when wet fur starts to dry, it dries out the skin too, which usually results in itching skin and a great discomfort for you dog. Oh, and that wet dog’s smell… Buaaah.

Therefore it’s a good choice to put on a rainproof jacket which fully covers the back of your pet. It’s even better if the jacked has a prolonged neck or a hood. Your babe is safe and sound now!

#4 Walks in the forest

Despite the weather conditions any clothing in forest is important especially if your dog is short-haired and has a thin skin (oh, my beloved Italian Greyhounds!). Why’s so? In forest dogs are usually off-leash and running free buuuut they’re not as careful as we want them to be. Duh. Bushes, shrubs, old trees and conifer branches are just laying there, holding on to injure someone. For example, our dogs! Dog forbid!  

A very smart move here is to put any clothing based on weather conditions that would protect the skin from injuries (what about summer shirt?). And if that piece is in bright colors, the dog will be easily visible from a greater distance. Fear less to lose your babe! 

italian greyhound off leash in the forest with clothes

Myth busted now! Be sure now to take a good care of your beloved four-legged friend during all seasons!

And if your dogs hate wearing clothes, check out our article with tips & tricks on how to change their mind :)

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