Saving Your Dog's Life - First Aid Kit (including a checklist!)

First aid kit for dogs checklist
Most of us have a standard first aid kit both at home for unexpected and unfortunate events. However, not that many of us have such kit prepared specifically for our four-legged furriends. It’s especially important while travelling when veterinary clinics are tricky to access.
Correctly built first aid kit can save your dog’s life. I mean… Literally. 
Do you know what it should consist of?

Medical instruments

Here medical and antiseptic bandages & tweezers might be a life-saver. These can usually be found in a standard vehicle’s first aid kit. Just ensure they are there!
What’s more, consider having a specific item for tick removal – standard tweezers might work, though in some cases a specialized tool is the way to go.


That is a bigger part of the kit here.
One of the most often health issues dogs experience is… diarrhea. Ouch. To stop this, feed a dog either the anti-diarrhea tablets or, even better, a special paste which is enriched with pre & pro-biotics. It’ll help your dog to recover quicker.
As for antiseptics, have hydrogen peroxide at hand. But make sure to use it properly – it can only be applied to superficial wounds. What’s more, it can be used in case of emergency when in need to vomit your dog.
For deep wounds have either some iodine or chlorhexidine 0.02%. Potassium permanganate powder works very well for stopping superficial bleeding after, let’s say, cutting dog's nail too deep. In such case, just put a tiny pinch of powder on the wound.
Other medicines to have at hand: pain killers, fever-reducers (meditations for humans can’t be used for dog treatment!!) and anti-allergy medications.

Printable Checklist

Feel free to download this checklist and bring it to the closest vet pharma or clinic. All mentioned medications & instruments will be surely available there. Ask vet or pharmacist for recommendations on the best options / brands.

first aid kit for dogs checklist

Important! Always consult with a vet before feeding your dog any drugs. The incorrect use of medication might do a severe damage to your dog’s health.

The article written by Žygimantas Besakirskas, Veterinarian Doctor

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