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A Second Puppy Package – SAVE or INVEST?

So yes. This is real. We have 2 italian greyhounds now! Harvey is 3 years old now and just a few days ago we brought home his little brother – Oliver. SO. MUCH. EXCITEMENT! Once we got the news that there is a puppy-born who’ll join our family, we have put ourselves together, stopped dancing on the tables, finished the box of champagne and started real preparation. I remember, while prepping for Harvey’s arrival, we went really crazy about it and spent a fortune on quite some fancy stuff. Wrooooong! Lesson learnt. This time we knew better on what to invest & how we can save. I’m sure this might be a helpful experience for you, especially if you’re planning...

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A Couple is Better!

The day has come and #harvoola family has a new member now - a second Iggy - Oliver <3 We are celebrating hard! And we're happy to share this celebration vibe with you, therefore, great stuff coming you way! 

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Lure Coursing for beginners: What, Why & Where?

Lure Coursing - the magical words that me & Harvey just love! I see it as my mission now to spread this to as many of you as possible. Why? Because it’s the best activity my Harvey ever tried.  This post will shed the light on the basics of Lure Coursing. Let's run an imaginary interview here! :) 

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