Harvey’s Journey from Zero to Lure Coursing Hero

italian greyhound driving a car

Before telling Harvey’s story, I must share a lil’ bit of background – since day 1 I brought Harvey home, I knew we’ll have a fun life. Harvey was extremely active and with the time passing by, his energy level only increased.

My family was shaking their heads feeling sorry, while watching me trying to train him to behave. We had a home camera, so we could see what he’s up to alone – crazy stuff. All closets and kitchen cupboards are baby-proofed up until now as he knows how to open them and… You know what’s next. 

EITHER WAY, I needed to find both physical and brain training activity for him. And I did! Our very dear friend Jurga who has a great experience in Lure Coursing (LC), noticed Harvey’s passion for chasing things (I mean… plastic bags) and offered to try LC. (Psss, have you already read the interview about how she discovered LC?)

I was a bit skeptical, afraid and wasn't sure it's a good idea to bring my city dog to a full nature run chasing the prey. And that first test run was a great start to his journey to a LC Hero.

A Whole Day Spent In Nature

So, after qualifying to be a great runner, Harvey started participating in competitions. I must say, to my great surprise, these competitions became our hobby & a great way to spend time in nature surrounded by great people.

Just imagine, people with sighthounds gather in a big field, surrounded by nature and spend the whole day together, it’s like a tiny festival!

Competitions last for the whole day – registrations starting early morning, then first round of runs, lunch break, second round and in the late afternoon, the part I always await – awards.

I just love how you can chillax there, do some BBQ, watch doggos running…

Harvoola Lure Coursing Harvey Competition Lithuania

Go Get ‘em, Harvey!

Since the very first competition Harvey started collecting the trophies. I know I know, it’s important to participate, not to win but it was a blast! This energy he had – all focused to a great run and chasing the prey. I couldn’t believe my eyes how good he was!

The sad yet fun part is that in Baltic’s competitions (CACL, CACIL), there are very few Italian greyhounds participating (2-4). As the champions are announced per breed, it’s not a big competition.

But there is another title – Field Winner. Only one dog of all participating breeds gets this honour to call himself Field Winner. I mean, one dog from Greyhounds, Galgos, Whippets, Iggies, Basenjis, Afgans, Borzois and many more. And twice last year Harvey stood on the highest step with a title of a Field Winner.

So so so proud of my little one, whose passion to damage our home turned him to a great runner & winner.

And surely, these diplomas dogs win are for people. Yet, treats, praises & running free at least for a few minutes make the dogs happiest on Earth!

Try it out, I’m telling you, it’s amazing gift you can give to your doggo and bond even more.


Did you like Harvey's story? Have questions or comments? Shoot in a dedicated section below!

If you’re still have a doubt of what Lure Coursing is, please check this post, I’ve added here Q&A for beginners!

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