My Second Iggy Is 6 Months Old! Joys & Learnings

italian greyhound puppy cute

I started writing the post and started… Laughing. Why? Because of how afraid we are to make some decisions. It took us a year+ to decide to have the first iggy and it took even longer to get a second one!

Was there are least one time when I thought that we made a mistake? N-E-V-E-R. And trust me, Harvey wasn’t the calmest dog on earth. I’ve put some of the challenges with him to this blog post.

So bringing Oliver, a second Italian greyhound, to the family was both a challenge and a joy. I published an article about the first 2 months with Oli some time ago and now he’s already… 6 months old!

Can't wait to share how is he doing in our loving home <3 

Ah, and if you are still waiting for your puppy to come home, perhaps our checklist will help you to prepare well! :)

italian greyhound puppy

Potty training: 90%

Yep, this boy is smarty pants indeed and he didn’t have an accident at home for more than a month now (and the one last month was our fault actually, he clearly showed he needed to be taken out)!

As we sometimes work in the office, dogs are staying at home in their huuuuge & cozy crate during the day. We come back home during our lunch break to take Oli outside to do his business and we already started to prolong the time when we come back. So he needs to wait a bit longer every day. Works? LIKE A CHARM!

Crate training: 100%

Another win to our pocket! Both Harvey & Oli are super happy with their crate. I mean, REALLY. When I work from home, both of them go to their crate and sleep there for hours. It’s their choice!

italian greyhound training

Behaving outside: 50%

This one the THE WORST. Walking two dogs when one is still a puppy is a big challenge for us. What doesn’t help at all is that Harvey barks at every dog he sees & Oli is a real copy-cat, so it didn’t take long to take over this habit. Makes me embarrassed every time.

However, we didn’t wait too long and as the methods offered online and in the books didn’t work out, we reached out to a professional dog trainer for help. Now we have a clear action plan and it actually works pretty well!

New activity - handling lessons

And the last but not least is that we started handling lessons. It seems that Oli enjoys them soooo much! As our trainer says, he is one extremely happy puppy. He still needs to learn quite some discipline and to concentrate on the queues but he’s still so young and joyful!

italian greyhound potty training

In general, two dogs is the best: they are best friends and love each other so much. Happy dogs = happy home <3


Would like to share your experience with raising Italian Greyhounds? Drop us a message!

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