10 Absolutely Best Gifts For Dogs!

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Festive season is full speed ahead! Already planning the gifts for your beloved ones? What about four-legged family members?

Pssst! This is not about the easy picks in any pet store. Not sure where I’m heading to? Stay with me, I will explain.

Christmas nowadays is a lot about presents and THINGS. What about if this Christmas you actually give something magical and different for your doggos – your CARE and TIME.

But if you will be looking at some nice stuff to give your or your beloved one's dogs, check out our gift boxes made in partnership with Hound Squad! They come in White or Black colors. More to that, teddy bear vest + red collar & leash available, too!

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#1. Learning a new trick

It is not only cool to show-off how smart your doggo is, it is a perfect brain work and, most importantly, bonding activity! Your dog can’t be happier when spending time with you and having your full attention.

You can easily find some inspiration online. Try 'sit pretty', 'pay dead', or any other based on the level of complexity. 

#2. A personal lesson with a professional trainer

Not so patient to teach your doggo a trick? Trying but nothing works? Visit a personal trainer – share what’s on your mind, what challenges you have (let’s be honest, all of us do!) as ask for an advice. Professional trainers can read dogs in seconds and then provide their insights and suggestions on some individual activities. Most likely, you’ll have a great time in a classroom and then quite some material to work on with your dog.

#3. Group training: obedience, parkour

The most precious gift is a gift or TIME. I know it’s a very hard time for everyone now but promise yourself (and your dog, obviously) that next year, you will try out some group training activities. Just browse online what’s there in your city and sign-up once the pandemic is over <3

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#4. New tradition together: special long walks once a week?

I must admit, this is quite a sensitive topic for me. I don’t go on regular long walks with my dogs. It happens more of a sporadically. If you're like me, what a great gift would be so start a new tradition – let’s say, every Saturday morning you make a cup of hot cocoa for yourself and go for an early morning 5 km walk with your doggo. Oh, allow her to sniff everything. SHOW ME A BETTER GIFT!! :)

#5. Brain games

Buy or do it yourself! There are so many options… I shared such activities that my dogs love in this article. But you can try out any other games – it is a great activity, especially when you leave your doggo alone sometimes.

#6. Healthy home-made treats

A smart person once said – if you are what you eat, I am a pizza then. So what is your dog?  Kibble? Carrot? Couch potato… Um.. I mean… SWEET potato? Try some healthy treats, have some fun making / baking them. Once done, wrap them in a thin towel or put it in a box and turn the treats to a brain game – let your doggo open it himself!

Christmas time with italian greyhound

#7. Overcoming a fear or fixing behaviour

This might not be so fun... Until the goal is reached! Is your dog afraid of fireworks? Does Enzo hate pawdicure? Do Olivia & Bella still pee at home and Dobby barks at neighbour‘s scooter? THE TIME IS NOW!

Promise yourself & your dog that YOU will save him from his fears or stresses – choose one behaviour and start looking for information HOW you can solve it. Commit to work with your doggo consistently. Trust me, this is one of the best things you can do for him!

#8. Dog tag

Safety first! I'm sure having a missing pet is unbearable. We can't be sure this will not happen to us but we can make it easier for people to bring our dogs back home! Pet tags are usually inexpensive but that is something that may save your doggo. Still - I truly hope you will never need this tag to be used... :)

#9. Book about dog training

You can argue if it’s for you or her. I’d say both. We tend to see doggos as our friends, family members but do we know enough about them? Would our behaviour change in some situations if we knew more?

If you hesitated at least for a second to answer this, choose a book that will expand your knowledge on the animals you love the most <3 Here’s my fav list of dog training books. And this is another recommendation NOT focused on dogs but rather animal emotions. So much that we don’t know!

#10. Doggo party

Dogs are social – ha, nothing new, right? Let’s focus more on that! Socializing is a great activity and our beloved dogs need it so much! Plan some outdoor doggo parties in dog parks or other safe areas where you could put him off leash. What about the same breed party? While Italian greyhounds are enjoying their company, their hoomans will definitely find quite some common topics to discuss :)

Note! This is NOT an option if the country you live in has limitations due to Covid19.

 matching outfits italian greyhound clothing


Have you already chosen a gift for your doggo? Were the tips useful? Hahaaa, for me the challenge is to choose A FEW only :)

But remember -- your time, love & attention is the best gift you can ever give for your dog (and humans, of course, but this is not a topic today :)).

Merry Christmas, folks! Thanks for being with #harvoola this year! <3

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