Stylish Italian Greyhound Outfits. Part II

Stylish Italian Greyhound Outfits. Part II

All italian greyhound hoomans aim to keep their iggies warm at all times! With so many variety of stylish outfits, we're there to make it easy on you to choose. 

Here's a 2nd part of layering ideas for your italian greyhound. Haven't gone through part 1? It's never to late.

Keep it warm, dry, cozy & comfy! 🌈

#1 Bright & Loud!

For any season with a chilly weather - winter, fall or spring. The combo of Turqouise coat & Spritz O'clock will bring the colours to everyday life.

#2 Classy Italian Greyhound

This one is for classic lovers! Subtle but with a pinch of brightness - lime fleece lining of Navy coat in a relationship with the classy black onesie for Italian greyhounds. 

 #3 Cinnamon Bun 

Well hello, delicious! Gingerbread onesie with a legendary Mustard teddy vest on top is a pure dessert for eyes! Oh, btw, Oliver exploded the Instagram with this outfit. Check the reel!

#4 Sophisticated Iggy Bear

One more of monochrome outfits. Black Onesie & Marengo Teddy vest make every bear roaaaar!!


#5 Shine bright, little Italian Greyhound

City lights onesie combined with Magenta coat is the last but not least bright coloured combo. Dare to wear! 

italian greyhound outfit harvoola
So, which one will your iggy wear? :)

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