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Oh Dog, that would be fun!

Dressing Italian Greyhounds is an easy task

Looking for Italian Greyhound clothes? We have you covered! Warm your iggies with #harvoola - high-quality & exclusive Italian Greyhound clothing. We sew everything by hand and in small batches only. We all have to admit, may it be a chilly summer night or snowy winter, clothes for iggies are a must. Especially, if you're not living in a place like Hawaii.

At #harvoola, you'll find a variety of fabulous Italian Greyhound clothes for all seasons and weather conditions. Choose from teddy bear vests, onesies, raincoats, overalls, summer shirts and winter jackets.

Functional & stylish iggy clothing is the priority

In our opinion, the Italian Greyhound outfit has to be stylish & functional. That is why, when designing iggy clothes, we focus on a couple of things. Number one is the top-notch quality. Then goes the possibility to wear the pieces both stand-alone and as one full fabulous outfit. More to that, layering is the key to keeping iggies warm. Thus, we are proud that our designs go in a comfortable and stylish combo with each other. 

Find your favourite pieces of clothing for Italian Greyhounds and create extraordinary looks by mixing & matching iggy onesies with our winter coats, vests or raincoats!

#harvoola Italian Greyhound clothing collections focus on bright colours and unseen cuts. If you’re not a fan of colourful Italian Greyhound clothes, no worries! We have launched the Essentials, clothes for Italian Greyhounds which include a calm colour palette.

Choosing the size for Italian Greyhound clothes

Clothing for Italian Greyhounds should always be comfortable and not limit movement. For the perfect fit, #harvoola makes all iggy clothes in five sizes.

It'll only take a couple of minutes to define the size. You will need to take two measurements: iggy’s body length and chest circumference. Please do not select the size based on other Italian Greyhound clothing brands. Every brand has its own size guides, so it is very risky to choose the wrong size. In case you would need any help, we are always here to advise, simply drop us a message!

Happy shopping! We hope you have just found your new favourite Italian Greyhound clothing brand