Choose a perfect gift for Italian Greyhound!

Looking for some gifts for greyhounds? What about some functional collars or leashes? That could be an amazing Italian Greyhound gift for any occasion.

Same as with clothing, there will never be enough stylish Italian Greyhound accessories. But how to choose right?

Choosing collars: classic or martingale?

The difference between a classic collar and a martingale is that a standard collar has a buckle that completely opens and closes. It’s the most regular type of dog collar. Whereas a martingale for Italian Greyhounds doesn’t fully open and was originally created for all sighthounds. It prevents dogs that have narrower heads compared to their necks from slipping out of their collars.  Well-made martingales for Italian Greyhounds are a comfortable choice until iggy starts pulling. Then the tension appears, and the martingale tightens but only to a certain extent.

Standard or classy iggy collars are more often used on a daily basis. They have many different styles, widths, shapes and materials. There is a wider variety of such collars compared to martingales. When choosing one, make sure the material is durable and soft enough not to hurt the neck of your iggy. If your iggy is a fan of pulling, then consider a wide greyhound collar that’ll save the neck. Made from soft biothane or vegan leather could be a perfect way to go! This could be one of the best personalised Italian Greyhound gifts!

What to choose retractable or regular leash?

A leash can be a great addition to all the stylish Italian Greyhound accessories that you already have. Oh, this one is very debatable! Dog trainers are usually very strict about it. But let’s dive into the pros & cons of the two most popular Italian Greyhound leash types:

  • A regular leash is not as convenient for a human to use compared to flex. If a leash is short, you will need to make compromises. Then either walk more where your iggy wants to or keep your iggy closer to yourself, restraining from exploring the surroundings.
  • Flexi leash or retractable leash always requires tension. A dog learns that pulling is alright. This directly contradicts what most people actually want - their dog walking nicely with no extra pulling and distraction.
  • Regular dog leash helps to build a better connection with a dog. If you make a turn, your iggy turns as well. If you stop to greet your friend, your iggy stops as well. With a flexible leash, iggy doesn’t learn that at all - “I can go as far, as I (almost) want to!”
  • Safety matters! When on a retractable leash, you have to be always on alert to control your iggy if something unexpected happens. For example, if a car comes out of nowhere. It’s not an issue with a regular leash!
  • Handling a retractable leash can be dangerous. First of all, the mechanisms can break releasing the full length of the string. Moreover, the odds of tangling and wrapping across your or your dog's legs are huge! That, unfortunately, leads to cuts, burns and other very unpleasant injuries. In this 
  • case, regular Italian Greyhound leashes are life savers!

At our store, we keep focusing on original Italian Greyhound accessories for any occasion. May it be for everyday use of something special like Christmas, Halloween, B-day, wedding… You name it!