Caring for Your Italian Greyhound: A Comprehensive Guide to Health and Happiness 🐾

italian greyhound puppy

Italian Greyhounds are elegant, delicate, and affectionate pets known for their striking appearance and charming personalities. To ensure your Italian Greyhound leads a healthy and happy life, it's crucial to prioritize their well-being.

In this blog post, we'll dive into various aspects of health and care. We'll explore key aspects of their care, helping you become a master at keeping your petite speedster in prime condition, infused with that unique Italian charm. 

Let’s dive in!

italian greyhound in grey onesie

Common Health Issues

Most of Italian Greyhound health issues are inherited. That’s why responsible breeders are what you should look for if you’re still up for adopting an iggy! There are many myths about the importance of puppy origins. In quite too many cases it is believed that if a puppy is meant to be a family dog only, pedigree doesn’t matter. This is so not true! But that’s a topic for another time. 

  • Hip Dysplasia: This inherited condition can lead to arthritis and lameness. Regular vet check-ups and maintaining a healthy weight are vital.
  • Dental Issues: Italian Greyhounds are prone to dental problems due to their small mouths, so regular brushing is essential for a healthy smile. Skipping this, eventually leads to losing (some of) teeth. Ever seen pics of iggies with funny tongues sticking out? Well, it’s not actually as funny as it seems. In most of the cases it happens due to the teeth being removed because of poor dental hygiene. Remember: dental chews or bones are not enough to maintain oral hygiene.
  • Luxating Patella: This condition affects the kneecap's alignment and can lead to lameness. Healthy weight and a correct diet come to the spotlight here! If you have a doubt your dog is experiencing this, consult with a vet for guidance.
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA): Sounds serious. And it actually is. PRA can dim the lights in those puppy-dog eyes. Keep an eye out for any vision changes and make sure to reach out for professional evaluation.
  • Fractured bones: While not a health issue, broken legs are more common than we'd like. In most cases, weak bones are inherited. Adopting from a reputable breeder is a good choice, but rescue iggies have their own stories. ❤
italian greyhound at the beach

Grooming: The Secret to a Shiny Look

‘Italian Greyhounds are hypo-allergic dog breeds, they do not shed and don’t need any focus on grooming’. Have you ever heard of this? If so, you were very much misled. This is so not true!

Why? Well, even though the coat is very thin and short, iggies do shed. Especially when stressed. But you don’t really see many hair around the house as they are soooo short. However, good luck brushing those small sharp needles off from your lovely cardigan  💆

Anyhow, jumping back to the grooming part!

Coat Care: Grooming Like a Fashionista 💅 Brush their fine coat from time to time, you can consider it as a massage. Is it a must? Absolutely not. Will it create serotonin & endorphin for you? Oh yes….

Bathing: Only give them a bath when they start to smell... weird (which is rare). Periodic baths are not necessary. Win/win!

Skin Care: Sensitive as a Starlet 🌟 Their delicate skin can't handle the harsh stuff. Be cautious and check for irritations, redness, or rashes during grooming sessions. And choose clothes that are gentle to the sensitive skin of your iggy. 

Nail Trimming: High Heels Are Hard to Walk In 👠 Long nails are a no-no. Trim them regularly to keep your pup comfortable. More about it - down below!

dog eating pistachio

Nutrition: Bon Appétit, Pooch!

High-Quality Dog Food: Opt for the best food for your Italian Greyhound; avoid fast food options. There are numerous high-quality dog foods available, so choose wisely. We had posted an article about that, check it out!

Fruits And Vegetables: Include fruits and vegetables in their diet for added vitamins and minerals. For example, carrots and apples are our iggy’s favorites! But be careful - avoid feeding them harmful foods like grapes, avocado or chocolate.

Treats And Snacks: find what your iggy loves the most and always have the most valuable treat at hand when you need to bribe your doggo! Chicken legs? Rabbit ears? Beef? Lamb? It all works but it’s best to focus on low-processed snacks. 

Hydration: The Elixir of Elegance 💧Make sure your iggy has access to fresh water at all times, 24/7 💦

italian greyhound in black onesie

Exercise Needs: Let's Get This Paw-ty Started!

Daily Walks: Take your Italian Greyhound for daily walks. Some may need two or three short walks per day, with at least one being longer for a proper exercise session. Don't let the weather deter you – harvoola has you covered in all weather conditions. 

Playtime: Toy Talk with a Twist 🎾 Engage in playtime with toys! This will not only help to tire out your doggo but encourages bonding with the most important person - YOU.

Off-Leash Areas 🏞️ Find an enclosed space for them to unleash their inner squirrel. It can be challenging to train your iggy to recall, so do that from the very early days. But you should never trust your Italian Greyhound 100% - sudden sounds, other dogs, birds, animals or people may scare them away. Therefore, fenced areas are perfect for a free & safe off-leash run.

Mental Stimulation: Brainy and Beautiful 💡 Keep their minds sharp with puzzle toys and obedience training. Think of it as their version of a fashion-forward crossword puzzle. 🧩What a perfect activity for the rainy days! Here are some of our favorite brain stimulating games.

italian greyhound in clothes

Nail Trimming: Pawsitively Perfect Pedicures

Get the right tools – it's like they're getting a doggy manicure. 💅

What about trying out a nail file (even human’s nail files work!)? That’s a perfect tool and it’s way less stressful than the classy nail clippers. Try it out! Ah, another nice tool is rechargeable dog nail grinders. Love it! Safe, quick & stress-free. Pawdicure can be a great pampering session. 

Regularity: Stay on Schedule 📆 Set a routine for nail trimming every week, just like their regular spa day

dental care italian greyhounds

Dental Hygiene: Sparkling Smiles Are Always In

Toothbrushing: 🪥 Brush their teeth like they're getting ready for a date – no one likes doggy breath or loosing their teeth 😬

Dental Chews and Toys: ⭐That’s something important but… Debatable. Chews do not replace old-school toothbrushing. When choosing such snacks, check the labels carefully - you really want the chew to be not only tasty but safe and healthy.

Professional Dental Care: 🦷 Schedule dental check-ups like it's a visit to the canine dentist, because a sparkling smile is always in fashion 😁We get regular check-ups and dental hygiene for our iggies every year. It’s crucial for small breed dogs that are at a high risk of dental problems.


So there you have it! A playful guide to caring for your Italian Greyhound. Keep your pup looking and feeling like the superstar they truly are – after all, they've got the Italian charm and style down pat. 😘🐶🇮🇹 Stay fabulous & healthy, my fellow dog lovers!

Do you have any additional tips? Feel free to share! 🐾

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